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“Without Words” included a series of distinct intuitively formed abstract sculptures, each one depicting a type of trauma or the emotions associated with the trauma. Enveloping varying degrees of complexity, each sculpture ignited personal responses associated with these events and experiences.  I utilized unglazed ceramic sculptures, bricks, wood, metal, water, sound elements and photography.

This series of photographic work was the first time that I used my physical being as image.  The photographs recorded the use of my body as a medium to transmit feelings into the masses of clay I held.  This was intended to cause the viewer to notice body language, to acknowledge story without access to voice(s), as many who experienced trauma have none.   I specifically selected those photographs that focused on signs of pain, not only in the face, but also in how my overall body was reacting.  The photographs were imposing and unapologetic, forcing the viewers to question their roles in the pain they saw.   Overall, Without Words sought to generate dialogue about personal responsibility in our interactions with others. 

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