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To Stand Here

An exhibition featuring Laurén Gerig & Rebecca Casement


To Stand Here is contemplation, strength in quiet, vulnerability, and observation. It is an exposing of process, of things not fully said, and a focus on what is seen and felt.

The ritual of noticing and acknowledging:

Slow and quiet changes

as seasons shift,

first crimson leaves on a sumac tree,

a zinnia's slow sigh towards the ground after a frost,

the emergence of first greens in the Spring.

Standing here

in conversation,

listening to stories of strangers.

Standing at the graveside of a loved one,

feeling the humid air on one's face.

In this work, materials are layered, deconstructed, and built up again. The paintings on paper and broken sphere sculptures were created with the sense of immediacy and poignance of diary-like entries. Paint is scraped, carved into, layered onto the surface. Clay is molded leaving inedible marks suggesting the history of the object and the time it was made.

To Stand Here is a tangible collection of moments of stillness among movement and change.

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