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an exhibition of contemporary women artists from Michigan

Cynosure: a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration. 


Cynosure is a celebration of female artists from across the state of Michigan selected for their dedication to their creative practice and for fostering community across the State and beyond. Working in a wide variety of media, including textile, ceramics, painting, and collage, the artists explore themes of gender, place, the body, and respond to political, personal, and natural environments. The exhibition interweaves story-telling from diverse female perspectives and abstraction embedded within layers of sensitivity to surroundings. Bold and subtle, pensive yet intense, Cynosure unapologetically delves into the realms of human experience and holds viewers thrall.


Cynosure is co-curated by Rebecca Casement and Laurén Brady. This special exhibition brings together the work of eight artists: Sarah C. Blanchette, Madhurima Ganguly, Olivia Guterson, Svitlana Martynjuk, Mia Risberg, Amy Sacksteder, Rebecca Casement, and Laurén Brady. 

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