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Rebecca Casement

My sculptures and installations explore the experiences in life that can alter who we are and how we view the world.  I am often showing the results of negative experiences like abuse, disease, and loss, but I balance that with a call for community, humanity, and care.  A variety of materials are used and interwoven to represent our varied experiences and histories, and then they are pushed until weaknesses are revealed.  I utilize that vulnerability to a point that it becomes a new form of structure.  In the process, the “scar” comes to symbolizes potential, even beauty.  A new strength is found. 

As a woman, I nurture and heal.   As an artist, I do the same.  Touch is central to this exploration.  By choosing to create art that is predominately made only using my hands and with materials that are traditionally used by women, I enter the dialogue of trauma with empathy.  I also enter it with honesty.  Imprinted in my art is how we use our bodies and our words to harm and heal; to be left with scars, but still breathe. 

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