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I also enter it with honesty.”

“I enter the dialogue of pain with empathy.

Artist Statement


My sculptures and installations explore the experiences in life that can alter who we are and how we view the world. I am often showing the results of intense personal experiences that I balance with a call for community, humanity, and care. A variety of materials are used and interwoven to represent our varied experiences and histories, and then they are pushed until weaknesses are revealed. I utilize that vulnerability to a point that it becomes a new form of structure. In the process, the "scar” comes to symbolize potential, even beauty. A new strength is found.  


As a woman, touch is central to my exploration as an artist. By choosing to create work that is predominately made using only my hands and with materials that are traditionally used by women, I enter the dialogue of pain with empathy. I also enter it with honesty. Imprinted in my art is how we use our bodies and our words to harm and heal; and question what our role is individually and culturally.


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